Wicklow Montessori Primary School

Coding Class 2015-16

Wicklow Montessori Primary School fifth class 2015-16 at Wicklow Montessori Primary School

Click the thumbnails to view our websites

thumbnail of Ciara's website

Ciara's Monkey Website

thumbnail of Michael's website

Michael's International Relations Website

thumbnail of Niall's website

Niall's Mountain Biking Website

thumbnail of Lucy's website

Lucy's Ballet Website

thumbnail of Daniel's website

Daniel's The Liver Website

thumbnail of Ava Paris' website

Ava Paris' Wolves Website

thumbnail of Luke's website

Luke's Jokes Website

thumbnail of Callum's website

Callum's Minecraft Website

thumbnail of Charlie's website

Charlie's Snowboarding Website

Coding Class 2014-15

Wicklow Montessori Primary School fifth and sixth class 2014-15 at Wicklow Montessori Primary School

Click the thumbnails to view our websites

thumbnail of Jenny's website

Jennifer's Butterfly Website

thumbnail of Byron's website

Byron's Minecraft Website

thumbnail of Elva's website

Elva's Horse Ninjas Website

thumbnail of Laura's website

Laura's Favourites Website

thumbnail of Nicholas' website

Nicholas' Cars & Rallying Website

thumbnail of Isabelle's website

Isabelle's Puppies Website

thumbnail of Alex's website

Alex's Toppers Website

thumbnail of Kevin's website

Kevin's All About Neymar Website

thumbnail of David B's website

David B's Neymar, Brazil & Barcelona Website

thumbnail of David L's website

David L's Top Soccer Players Website

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