Yellow Stone Protection Programme

The park is in Wyoming USA, it is a national park it is 3,500sq miles. It is a great protection for wildlife. The wolves love Yellow Stone and are very well treated.

Irish Wolves

These dogs are known as Irish wolf hounds they were used in Ireland to get rid of the wolves they are great family pets but they did get the wolves out of Ireland but it is not there fault that is the way that they were brought up to be. They were a poachers favourite. There was once a Spaniard had a Irish wolf hound and he brought him on all his expeditions and even paid him a wage.


If you are a poacher poaching wolves just wait for a moment and think that if you kill an adult they may have a family and the same with a cub. Poachers do not think about these things. Of course there are a lot of protection programmes but there just aren't enough. Wolves are endangered lets save them.