Heavy Shotgun. ... For the Save The World shotgun described as a "heavy shotgun", see Backbreaker. Heavy Shotgun is a ranged weapon from Battle Royale. Available in Epic and Legendary versions. It is a heavier version of the shotgun, and it also has a longer range

Shetland Pony

For many, a Shetland Pony is their first introduction to riding. Most of us think of them as a child’s mount. But if you grew up in or near the Shetland Isles from which they come, you may already know that they are so much more than that. Check out these fascinating facts about this amazing pony breed

gypsy cob

Their manes are long and flowing, they have beautiful feathering on their lower legs; these horses are mystical and dreamy, becoming the center of attention in any situation they are placed. If you haven’t guessed it, I am describing the stunning horse known affectionately as “The Gypsy Horse.” While Gypsy horses do have a large following, there are still people who have not heard of or heard much about these majestic animals. Check out the following fun and informative facts to become better acquainted with these horses!