Pokemon is a Japanese anime invented by Satoshi Tajiri in April 28th 1998. There are a variety of different Pokemon. There is around 898 pokemon at January 2 2022. Pokemon are strange animals, some similar to the real world. Pokemon have lots of different types. They are normal, fire, fighting, flying, grass, water, poison, electric, ground, psychic, rock, ice, bug, dragon, ghost, dark, steel, fairy and unknown.


Pokemon are capable of evelution. When a pokemon evolves they tend to get bigger, stronger and learn more moves.

Ash And Pikachu

Ash is a trainer. Trainers are people who catch and train pokemon by using a pokeball. Ash is a speical trainer and the main character. Ash' partner is pikachu. Pikachu and Ash have been through many adventures together. Other than Pikachu, Ash has cought 94 pokemon including his 30 touros and 46 different species of them.