Minecraft Mods

Crazy Craft 3.0

You can start your journey today in this madness that is Crazy Craft 3.0!Crazy Craft SMP, fully titled Crazy Craft 3.0 SMP or Crazy Craft 3.0, was a survival-multiplayer series. The series used the Crazy Craft modpack, that features a variety of different mods. The series took a hiatus in November, and members stopped uploading Crazy Craft in January, due to members losing interest and the modpack crashing. Adventure Backpack, AnimationAPI, Armourer’s Workshop, asielib, Baubles, BiblioCraft, Carpenter’s Blocks, Chisel 2, CodeChickenCore, CustomMenu, CustomNpcs, Damage Indicators, Dark Core, Decocraft, Equivalent Exchange 3, FoodPlus, HatStand, iChunUtil, Inventory Pets, Iron Chest, Jewelrycraft 2, Malisis’ Core, Malisis’ Doors, Maze Mod, MC Helicopter, MineBlade Battlegear 2 – Bullsey, MobiusCore, Mob Properties, Morph, MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod, Mutant Creatures, NEI Addons, NotEnoughItems, Opis, Origin, Pandora’s Box, PortalGun, Railcraft, Saintscore, SecurityCraft, Soul Shards- The Old Ways, Statues, Tardis Mod, The OreSpawn Mod, The SecretRoomsMod, TrailMix, Transformers Mod, Weeping Angels, Witchery, Superheroes Unlimited (only available in version 0.3.2), Twilight Forest (unconfirmed).

Dream Craft

Players of Dream Craft embark on a perilous journey fighting dark creatures known as nightmares. Each level can either be bought pre-designed or designed by the players themselves. The player that guides the characters through levels and manages the designs of them is known as the Dream Master. Each level is designed as a mat, on which the players will move their character markers and advance through the dream. As they progress, they come across nightmares, puzzles, and many decisions (E.g. you could help a villager being attacked by a nightmare, or leave him be and continue).Players design their own characters in the game using a Character Constructing Process. The player first chooses a class, then name, and finally the stats of the character. The player starts out with 20 stat points and must distribute them to each stat as he/she pleases. With every nightmare and level a character defeats, his/her experience rises. When enough experience points (XP) is gained, the character levels up. Each time the character levels up, stat points are gained and can be distributed to increase the character's attributes. A player will traditionally use the same character during their campaign, but a new character can be created for each level. However, the total amount of characters a person can manage at a time is 3, meaning that if a player wishes to create another character but already has three, one character must be discarded. A group of characters can join together to form a party and go on levels together. The total amount of players allowed to one party is five.