Minecraft Mods


Features Create your own space ship from any blocks (excluding bedrock) and sail it trough space. Explore the space dimension: asteroids (filled with ores), asteroid fields, gas clouds, planetoids, stars, and NPC-ships. Jump to hyperspace for long-range traveling! Set up laser cannons on your ship to fight with other players' ships, or craft a mining laser to collect valuable resources on Earth or in space. Cloak your ship, base or a space station from your enemies! And lots more!

Doctor Who?

The Doctor Who Client Mod features the worlds first full functioning T.A.R.D.I.S in Minecraft complete with being able to see the interior from the exterior & vice versa, Translocation System (Travel based on coordinates), as well as the ability to travel to many planets and time eras through the Time Vortex and more! Imagine a universe in which you are the 2100 year old Time Lord known as, The Doctor. Imagine You had the ability to travel to new planets, Now imagine that you weren't imagining this. You are The Doctor, you have a Type 40 T.A.R.D.I.S that you call Sexy, and you are able to travel to and explore an untold number of worlds, taking on quests to save those worlds in this exciting sandbox game with story elements built into Minecraft! The Doctor Who Client Mod gameplay is unlike anything you may have played in Minecraft in the past. The DWCM has what we have called a sandbox-story hybrid gameplay hybrid. What this means is that while the DWCM has a storyline incorporated with the gameplay it is in the background. It exists but you do not have to always participate in it, the gameplay you are used to with vanilla minecraft still exists, you can still build, mine and free roam. The story just adds another level to the game that adds an OPTIONAL way to enhance your gameplay. With the story comes actual cutscenes rendered in blender and maya as well as a narrative. Take a listen to what the cutscene animation that plays when creating a new game-save (map) will be like (or read it if that is your thing.) NOTE: Open Alpha will not have the full storyline implimented. Only the first scene in the story will be included in the first public release.