All About Dance

ballet shoes

ballet shoes are shoes that ballet dancers wear to dance! there are 3 types of shoes female ballerinas wear and there are 2 types of shoes male ballerinas wear. Female ballerinas start off by wearing leather shoes with 1 strap. They usually start to wear these shoes when they are 3 (or if they start ballet at 2 or 1) until around 9 years old. Then when they are 10 years old they will wear canvas shoes with 2 straps and a split sole.then they will wear these shoes without pointe shoes until they are 11, but when they get the next pair of shoes they will still wear these shoes when they do barre work.The next pair of shoes they get is pointe shoes they usually get these shoes when they are 11 or 12 years old. Point shoes hurt your feet ALOT!!!! so beware if you are excited to get them they might hurt..... ALOT! Male ballerinas only wear 2 types of ballet shoes, the first pair they get are white with 1 stap on them and they are canvas. They usually get these when they are 3 or under and they wear them until they are around 9. Then next and final pair of ballet shoes the male ballerinas get are white canvas shoes with a split sole and 2 straps.

ballet clothes

it is important that you wear neat clothes and neat hair to every single ballet class because you will generally feel better if you dance in clean neat clothes and if your hair is neatly tied back from your face. If you do a ballet syllabus like RAD ( royal academy of dance) then you will get different colour leotards as you age/advance if your a girl but the same colour outfit if you are a boy I do the RAD syllabus and I am in grade 3 and I have a navy leotard but there are different colour leotards for each country. When you go to ballet class make sure not to wear a baggy top like a jumper over your leotard/leggings and top because your ballet teacher will not be able to see if your posture is good or not. If you have lots of shoes to bring to ballet like numerous pointe shoes then you might want to consider getting a dance bag, the one you see on the picture is a good one to get because it has a shoulder strap a hand strap and it is quite big. There are lots of bags like that bag that are different colours and sizes so you have a lot to choose from!