All About Dance

a dance exam

most people think that taking a dance exam is very scary but it is not meant to be scary. You should think of your dance exam as a class with a person watching you but still try your hardest at that "class"(exam). The time when you usually start to do exams is grade/level 1 or primary. I started to do exams in ballet and modern grade 2. An exam is not a test to determine if you will be a professional dancer it is just to see what standard you are and to show off your talent of dancing to other people! If you are taking an exam in dance or anything good luck, try your best and if you don't do that well it is not the end of the world!

modern dance

modern dance is a type of dance that is very creative and interesting! You get a very free feel when you do modern dance. Modern dance is a mixture of jazz,ballet and lyrical, the music is very modernized since the name of the style of dance is modern! the music in modern isn't really used with instruments but it is used with the piano a few times but the rest is normally with lots of different machines that make sounds.

what you learn in different ballet RAD grades ( pre primary- grade 4)

ballet RAD (royal academy of dancing) grades are a very god ballet syllabus to follow and learn through because teaches you dance moves that are that bit easier or harder a the right age. he RAD syllabus starts at pre-priamry and goes up to grade 8 (normally) in pre-primay and primary grades you learn the basics of ballet like pointing your feet and the positions and when you get to grade 1 you start to learn dances and the name of dances and routines are normally in french.