Greystones Sea Scouts

About Greystones Sea Scouts

!8th Wicklow Greystoes harbour sea scouts is located in Greystones harbour in Co. Wicklow. There are 3 levels Beavers, Cubs and scouts. The troup spends its summers on the water and the rest of the year on land. As they keep going through the summer holidays they take the monthes of January and February off. There main water activities are sailing, rowing, kyaking ang messing about in the harbour. There land activities include camping, hiking, pioneering, ropework and playing games.If your child has a passion for all things maritime, then the Greystones Sea Scouts may be the perfect extra-curricular activity for them. The Sea Scouts are do all the usual scouting activities such as hiking, camping, orientering, pioneering, outdoor cooking, along with maritime activities including sailing, rowing canoeing, maritime navigation, training in the use of maritime radio, and safety techniques. The Sea Scouts, who are part of the first Wicklow Scouts Group, use the den on Church Road for their weekly meerings each Monday night. 'Basically, we do everything that the land scouts do, with maritime activities added in,' explains troop leader Eugene McHugh. At the end of their five or six years training, sea scouts can qualify to take part in the Irish Sailing Association's coastal skills courses. 'These soft skills really build up their confidence,' adds Eugene. 'It shows them how to plan and organised from an early age, and is hugely beneficial for them.' Teamwork is also a big part of what the sea scouts do, and each member goes on patrols or 'watches' as they are known in sea scout speak. The watches are groups of eight people who pitch tents, light fires and generally help out with whatever needs to be done. On the water, the teamwork element becomes even more important as the group must work together in order to stay afloat. 'They learn to pull together very quickly, because if they don't, they go over.'