Greystones Sea Scouts

Boats and water activities

The main sailing vessel type in 18th Wicklow is the Drascomb Lugger. The troup has 2 of these boats but up to 5 can be borrowed. The troup owns 2 sheelin rowing boats and 8 sit on top kyaks. For saftey cover they us a RIB and a Rigiflex. The beavers spend most of their time on the sit on tops and will occasionly use the sheelins and drascombes. The Cubs spend most of their time using the sheelins and drascombes. The scouts use the drascombes on longer trips.The sea scouts believe that 'learning by doing' is the best way to teach children. From the time they join the beavers, cubs or scouts, they have a programme set out which is followed all the way up until they are 18 years. The sea scouts also gives children who may be interested in maritime pursuits, but are unable to meet the costs of a sailing club, the opportunity to get out onto the water. 'With the seas scouts there is just an annual subscription of 120 euro . So you don't have to own boat or any of the equipment to join the sea scouts. Many children would not have had the chance get out on the water but for the sea scouts.' Eugene adds that the sea scouts welcomes both boys and girls from all backgrounds and cultures. 'The sea scouts don't make a distinction between anyone. We are totally inclusive and there are no bars on who can join. And the children just see each other as another friend. In many cases, you will have your scouting friends all through your life. Over half our members at the moment are girls.' Children as young as six can get involved with the sea scouts by joining the beavers and continue up until they are 21. As adults, the scouts can then get involved in a leadership position. Eugene assures parents that all the leaders go through rigorous vetting procedures, along with child protection training. 'No matter what adult comes into the scouts, they have been trained and vetted, which is essential,' adds Eugene.