International Relations

International relations is the relations between different countries around the world. Every single country has some kind of relation with a another country somewhere around the world. The first thing people probably think of when someone says International relations is the United Nations. The UN has all the countries of the world within it's borders. The world of the early 21st century is a global community of nations, all of which coexist in some measure of political and economic interdependence. The speed of transportation in aircraft also makes it possible for people to get around the globe in hours instead of days or weeks.

United States

The United States, the most powerful country on the planet. If the United States were to leave or not complete objectives from the UN, then the United Nations could collapse and relations between countries could collapse as well and create a war or possibly the Third World War! The UN has so much faith in the US that they have based themselves in New York City, United States to create as much as a pull on the US to stay a permanent member

Why is Morocco not a member?

Western Sahara, formerly the Spanish colony of Spanish Sahara, is a disputed territory claimed by the Kingdom of Morocco. It is listed by the United Nations (UN), as a non-decolonized territory. Morocco is not a member of the UN because it is in a war with Western Sahara and other rebel tribes and groups trying to annex the area. If the war ends, the state of Morocco will be invited to be a member.